Past Work, Inspiration, Ideas in process and things I find interesting! 

Fused Glass incorporated in mixed media art.

I love playing with and layering stencils.

Another 9x12" Glass Painting made for my friend Jennifer. This is her grandfather scuba diving. I was honored she trusted me with the memory of her grandfather.

A coral project which now hangs on my wall.

A plate that is now owned by my friend Leslie.

Three pieces from a Bottle Cutting Workshop at the Glass Craft and Bead Expo in Vegas 2017.

This was a wedding present for my friends John and Chuck. A glass painting inspired by their favorite painting, The Singing Butler. 12"x9"

Another shot of The Singing Butler.


This was a stringer project. I blame the color palette on the fact that I was binge watching MAD MEN.

A glass plate set that my friend Sara purchased. I sent this all the way to Florida!

New Necklace Display Stand

New Necklace Display Stand

Market Set-up.

Real Bougainvillea petals are laid out on the glass.

Real Bougainvillea Petals and a touch of glass made this great design.

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